Sunday, 14 April 2013

Kayla's Experience with Lethbridge Weaver's Mentorship Program

My First Project as a Mentee!
My name is Kayla and I started weaving October 2012 at the Lethbridge Handicraft Guild. I started with the mentorship program with Karla as my mentor. I have really enjoyed weaving and believe that I picked it up rather quickly. I have learned a lot and hope that I can continue weaving at the guild for a long time to come. During the mentorship, I made two tea towels and a scarf. Recently, I finished another tea towel and I am currently finishing another for a wedding gift. The weaving projects are good for anything, but I like giving them as gifts because the gifts are something that amaze many of my friends and family because it is not something of this generation. I love the fact that it is a classic pastime and is like travelling back in time to when this wasn’t just for fun.

My second project.

My third project!

My third and final mentee project.

My first project as a member.