Saturday, 21 January 2012

Felting Workshop with Jena

Guild member Jena will be leading a felting workshop on January
28 for guild members. Being a guild member has many benefits including having the opportunity to explore different workshops for a nominal fee. 

Some of the techniques for felting that can be explored on January 28 include:

  • Wet Felting
  • Nuno Felting
  • Needle felting
For supplies, the following is recommended:
Wool Rovings
Dish soap
Bubble wrap (Enough to cover your project)
Sushi mat or bamboo placemat
Tulle (enough to cover your project)
Old towels (to catch flying bubbles)
Fabric (if doing nuno)
Resist (If needed…I’ve used cut up linoleum, seat cushion insert covered
in plastic, cardboard, cheap plastic placemat from Walmart, etc)
Masking tape
Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet.

This should be an exciting day of exploration.

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