Saturday, 1 October 2011

Loom 8: Summer & Winter Tea Towel

Currently, Loom 8 has a Summer & Winter Tea Towel warp - including wonderful colours of red, blue, purple, yellow, green and orange.

There are some finished tea towels that were displayed at the Bowman this weekend for Art Days. The little squares are perfect!


  1. I am starting on this project this week. Any comments or suggestions? Did anyone just use thin weft?

  2. Karla - this is a great project. I used thin and thick and there is lots available in all warp colors (+more)if you don't have enough in your stash. Frances tip to me - ALWAYS throw tabby A from the left and tabby B from the right to keep all in order. Errors are very easy to see. Deb

  3. Thanks Deb
    I started this afternoon with a thick and thin.

  4. Re the use of thick and thin or all thin. You could weave with a thin only (2/8 like the warp). You could do it all in one colour or different colours for the tabby and for the pattern. I would suggest if using one colour only, that you still use 2 shuttles, one for pattern and the other for tabby. This way you can keep the tabby direction straight, which is IMPORTANT.